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3 Must Haves On Your Website Homepage

Creating a website can be challenging and you’ll want to make sure you have several key elements on your homepage. There are long lists of items you should always consider having on your homepage, but we’re here to provide you with our top three. Keep reading to learn more about your must haves on your website homepage!

1. Prominent Call-to-action

Now that a potential customer or user has clicked on your website, how are you going to keep them there? Having a prominent and well-defined call-to-action will have a new user wanting to dig deeper into your business, brand and products.

Whether it is a button that entices someone to buy something now or it’s a discount appearing on the screen, your call-to-action should be one of the first things a new user sees when clicking on your website homepage.

2. Logo and branding elements

Almost every website you have visited probably has a logo that is unique to their brand and sets them apart from competitors. When designing a homepage or looking at your own brand’s homepage, is your logo clear and visible for customers and people visiting your site?

Most logos are positioned on the top left of the homepage because that is where most people look first when beginning to read or view something. Not all logos need to be placed there, but make sure it is easy to spot and large enough so that visitors can make it out.

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3. Strong headline

Having a strong headline is extremely important when looking to get viewers, customers, or to simply have people scroll through your website. A headline is what encourages people to look through your website and dive deeper into learning about your brand.

When creating a prominent headline, there’s a few things to keep in mind when writing it.

  • Ensure something to your readers that can be done quickly.

  • Promise to teach your readers something, whether it is about your brand, staff, or products.

  • Numbered lists are more appealing to readers.

  • Make sure the headline isn’t too lengthy–6-12 words can suffice. 

Now, you are reading to create a brilliant and catchy headline that will make readers or potential customers never want to click off your page!


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