Small Business Marketing

3 Ways To Optimize Your Web Presence

In today’s world, simply having a website doesn’t necessarily mean your business will get discovered online. 

It’s crucial to focus on optimization to further your business’s web presence and become well-known with customers. 

Fix Any Broken Links

Leave a good impression on your customers by making sure all your links work properly.

A broken link is any web page that can’t be accessed by the user. You don’t want a user to get frustrated with the broken link and leave your site. 

Include Backlinks

Rank higher in Google by using backlinks. 

Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Pages that include a high amount of backlinks typically tend to rank high for organic search engine rankings. 

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Add Keywords To Your Headings

Help search engines understand what your content is all about.

If you need help organizing your keywords, be sure to download our free SEO keyword organization worksheet on our website. 

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