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4 Questions to Ask Your Marketing Agency

You are starting the process of looking into a marketing agency to help you outsource your businesses marketing materials, socials, or website. Let’s say you come across a company that you think will work well with your business style and meets the expectations you had set – what next? 

It can be intimidating to start this process and feel like you don’t want to ask the wrong questions, but sometimes you don’t know the questions you SHOULD be asking. 

Let’s talk about 4 questions to ask your marketing agency to feel confident in moving forward.

  1. What Are All of the Marketing Services that You Offer (even if I don’t need them yet)?

You Don’t Know What Services Are Offered Unless You Ask!

One of the most important questions to ask your marketing agency is what are all of the services that they offer. 

A majority of clients are seeking out one specific service or channel, such as website design or social media marketing. As brands and businesses grow they seek out additional services, and it’s valuable to know that the investment you are making can offer those additional services.

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2. What KPIs Will You be Tracking in Our Marketing? 

Marketing Execution is Great, but What About Marketing Analytics?

Putting your brand in the hands of a team that has not been with you since the beginning can be intimidating if you don’t know all of the intentions. 

You want to work with a marketing agency that not only inspires your creative visions, but inspires you to reach new heights.  Your outsourced marketing team should have a great grasp on your company vision, mission, and their ultimate goal in helping your sales team create an impact.


3. Will My Business Get the Attention of a Creative Team or a Marketing Account Executive?

When working with an outsourced marketing team, you still want to grow a working relationship with professionals.  Get to know them!

We love to work creatively with brands and businesses looking to grow, as we can provide them with a full team in our agency to have multiple members working together on your account. 

As you are starting the process of outsourcing, don’t be afraid to ask which skill sets will be working on your account, and how often the strategy can reset.

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4. How Often will we have Marketing Meetings?

Decipher a Balance Between Clear Communication and Freeing Your Time.

Each marketing agency is different, however connecting on a scheduled basis, whether that be monthly, quarterly, etc, helps build trust and provide ease on all sides. 

Prompt this conversation and retain the feedback, it can always be adjusted if needed!

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