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5 Creative Social Media Posts for any Small Business

Running a small business can be a very challenging task to begin with. Keeping track of inventory, employees and the business itself can leave very little time in your life to promote yourself regularly on social media. 

With these 5 creative examples of social media posts you will be able to plan ahead what you are going to post.

  1. Behind the Scenes

People love to see how your small business operates on a day to day basis. By doing this, it makes it personal and they are able to see the face behind the brand. 

In behind the scenes posts you can talk about whatever you would like. For example, you could explain how a product works, or talk about a deal that will soon be going on.

2. Tips and Insights

When deciding what to post, you should consider what your business is an expert in. This can be something that comes very easy to you, but is a challenge for other people.

Focus on your products, and what all they can be used for. Often, people only will use one product for one service, when it really can be used for many.

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3. Interview Someone

Interviewing a customer can make for an interesting post. By doing this you are getting a second opinion of your product. You also could interview another small business that is in line with yours. Hearing other people’s views and opinions is very important when it comes to running your business and deciding what can be changed for the better.

4. Meet the Team

By spotlighting your employees you are making your business more personable. People that are regulars at your business often like to know who they are speaking to on the daily. Also by spotlighting your team members you make your employees feel special and appreciated. 

5. Tutorials or “How-To”

How-to videos are a great way for your customers to see your products in action. By explaining to people how to use a certain product before purchasing, they are then able to see the quality of it. This is also a good way to use the LIVE feature on most social media.

Managing a small business and keeping up with the way you are advertising online can be quite challenging. Hopefully these 5 ideas helped you start rolling on a schedule. 

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