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7 Types of Emails You Can Send to Your Email List

7 Types of Emails You Can Send to Your Email List

Email marketing can be a challenging factor when it comes to including it into your business. After forming an email list, it can be frustrating to come up with ideas to send out to your audience. 

You want to be informative, and personable but at the same time, you don’t want to come off as annoying or over the top. By sending out emails that interest your reader, you are able to create loyal followers and potential customers. 

Here are 7 different email examples that you can send out to your contact list and know they will keep your readers interested.

  1. Welcome Email

A welcome email should be sent out as soon as someone signs up to be on your email list. This can include a variety of different messages, from a simple greeting, to a thank you note or a short description of your company.  You will want the email to be simple, and straight to the point.

2. Announcements and What’s New

You want to make sure you are constantly keeping your subscribers up to date. Make sure to send out an email announcement when your business is running specials, or if you are posting new information on its website. Anything that is new and interesting to you should be shared with your customers.

3. Product

If you decide to launch a new product or service, make sure to send out an email alerting your list. These are the people that take a specific interest in your business, and are most likely to purchase new products before others. Also, if you are bringing back an old product that was very popular, make sure you let your customers know.

4. Survey/Getting to Know You

You should make an attempt to get to know your customers. By sending out simple surveys and questionnaires, you can learn about what products and services they prefer. You can also ask about what they would like to see from your business in the future, whether that is new blog topics, products or services. The more information you gather, the easier it will be for you to complete your market research.

5. Newsletter

By sending out a newsletter you are able to cover a good amount of information in one email. You can send these either weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your reader’s preference. Make sure your newsletters are fun but still informative in order to keep your readers engaged. 

6. Giveaways and Freebies

Everyone likes to receive free things! By holding giveaways and giving out free products, your customers will be excited and more willing to purchase from you. When posting giveaways online, it is an easy way to market your business since so many people will be sharing the post, and clicking on your page. Giveaways are also a good way to get new people to try your products. If they like them, they are more willing to spend money on a product in the future.

7. Thank You

Sending out thank you emails after a customer has purchased your product, subscribed or interacted in another form is always a must. This shows that you are grateful for their purchase or gesture, and makes it clear your relationship with your clients is very important to you as a business owner.

Email marketing is worth the time investment, and has the potential to improve your overall business greatly. By writing out email examples ahead of time you will be more confident and organized going forward. 

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