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8 Details to Include in your New Clients Welcome Packet

Booking new clients seems to always be an exciting but frightening time. You want to make sure all their needs are catered to, but it is often hard to do so if you two are not on the same page. Here are 8 must haves to include in every new client welcome packet. 

  1. Welcome Message

Right away it is good to send your new client an email welcoming them, and giving them a brief introduction. By doing this it shows you care about them, and reassures that they made the right decision when investing in you.

2. Service Package Overview

Next be sure to send them an overview of the service package they paid for. This will clear up any confusion between what is included, and what is not. When sending this out you want to make sure it is cohesive with the welcome message you sent out earlier. That way there will be no added confusion.

3. Communication

It is your job to be on top of communicating, not your client’s. Both your time and your client’s are equally important, so it is important to have a schedule of when you will be meeting and discussing. You should make sure to set a calendar of when you are meeting, how long you are meeting and in what form are you meeting (in person, zoom, etc.). This will set good boundaries, and you will be more productive.

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4. Process Overview

By outlining your process your client will know what to and when to expect information. This includes things you need from them, and what you will deliver in return. Make sure you specify the deadlines for each step.

This all can be done through a calendar layout. By using this type of layout it adds a nice visual, and makes it easier to understand for your client.

5. Client Best Practices or Guidelines

By going over your client process you have a chance to put yourself in your client’s shoes. You may end up realizing what you are trying to say isn’t very clear, and it needs to be redefined. By editing your guidelines you are able to add in more precise questions that will get you the information you are looking for from your client. 

You also need to explain to your client why it is so important or them to follow these guidelines. By following the guidelines and receiving feedback you are then able to make your service better in the future.

6. Tools and Resources

If your client has had no previous experience working with you or anyone in your industry, it is a good idea to share the tools your client will need so they are familiar with them before starting. You can do so by meeting in person, or even creating video tutorials. Not everybody knows how to use tools like Zoom, so by familiarizing them early on it will put their minds at ease.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

One other way to go above and beyond for your new client is to send them a list of frequently asked questions. This will avoid the hassle of emailing back and forth with questions, and gives your client the opportunity to educate themselves before starting your service.

8. The Next Step

Once they have gone through all the information in their welcome packet you need to end it with stating what the next step is. 

Do they have homework?

Join a Facebook group?

FIll out a questionnaire?

Whatever it is, make sure to guide them through that next step in your client process.

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