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Monthly Analytics Reports

Get the Executive Summary of your marketing results

We know not everyone wants to dig into the nitty-gritty numbers, thats why at Creative DSM, we dive into the stats that YOU care about. We start with our goal statement, and break down the wins and improvements per platform.

If you do prefer to dive in deeper, keep scrolling. We internally update analytics once a week to keep in line with trends and interactions.

ATW Training Solutions Monthly Analytics Report by Creative DSM

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Weekly Analytic Details

Let’s get down to data

So we’ve said it before, we really like data. That’s why part of our process for each client includes weekly analytics reports. We use these reports internally to review as a team each time we set out to plan the marketing content.

PS- if this is too small, hit the expand arrows at the bottom of the report for a full screen view!


ATW Analytics by Creative DSM