Graphic Design Services

At The Creative Digital Marketer, we transitioned to online marketing through graphic design.  Founder Andi Fagen comes from a design background, which organically transferred into the marketing world and ultimately to digital marketing.  We study the analytics of each graphical asset we create, constantly focusing on assets that convert your customers to brand ambassadors.

How Can Your Small Business Benefit From Experienced Graphic Designers:

  • Expert Web Design and Creation

Our graphic design team focuses on communicating your marketing message through proven graphic assets that convert customers.  The Creative Digital Marketer excels in building websites that are user friendly, but are also search engine optimized.  We don’t follow plug-in templates, we customize graphic design for each business on a multitude of hosting platforms.

  • Graphic Print Marketing

The Creative Digital Marketer creates consistent brand identity for our clients by additionally providing graphic design packages for print marketing needs.  We provide business cards, brochures, newsletters and even catalogs to our clients.  Need an awesome printer?  We can make great suggestions there as well.

  • Photography and Videography for Small Businesses

Tapping our large community of photographers and videographers, we create compelling visual content to be used on your website, storefronts, social media and marketing assets. We guide the creative direction based on the latest trends and guidelines from YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon.

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