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Digital Marketing Services from TCDM

The Creative Digital Marketer is an online digital marketing service for small to mid size businesses looking to optimize their digital footprint.  We specialize in creative campaign ideation, SEO Analytics, online storefront development, and content generation.

The Creative Digital Marketer Menu

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Online Marketing Consultant Packages

  • FREE Website SEO Audit

Visit our form here to get a free website SEO health audit to see how your site is ranking on the biggest search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Small Business Online Marketing Consultation

During our consultation we’ll treat you to a cup of coffee while we talk over your traffic goals and current standings. You’ll leave with an action filled plan for your online marketing strategy that includes:

  • Analytics Overview

While we review your current digital traffic, we generate a marketing plan moving forward with an analytical approach.

  • Social Media Review

Our unique social media scoring system identifies opportunities for social marketing domination.

  • SEM Analysis

We simplify the online marketing jargon during our SEM analysis and break down your best Search Engine Marketing tools.

  • Marketing Messages

Together, we craft a rock solid marketing message that can translate through all marketing channels.

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Design Services Options

  • Graphic Design

Our graphic design team focuses on communicating your marketing message through proven assets that convert customers.

  • Print Marketing

We create a consistent brand identity by providing print marketing services including brochures and business cards.

  • Photography

Based on the latest trends and guidelines from YouTube, Facebook & Amazon, we generate engaging content for your business.

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SEM Digital Ad Campaigns Packages

  • Creative Ideation

Based on your marketing goals, our team will pitch creative campaigns based on real marketing analytics.

  • Google Ads

Using our certified Google knowledge, we generate a flow of traffic through search, shopping, and re-marketing ads.

  • Facebook Campaigns

We build and maintain Facebook marketing campaigns and provide analytical results.

  • Influencer Marketing

We curate top influencers in your genre to generate marketing content and introduce your brands to new fans.

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SEO & Content Generation Packages

  • Content Calendar Management

Always keeping your marketing goals on track, we create a checklist of monthly marketing action items.

  • Social Media Management

We stay current on the latest social media certifications to guide your social channels to the right audience.

  • Email Marketing

We are masters at creating email marketing funnels that guide through a journey from intro to consumer.

  • Blog Generation

Based on your content calendar and keyword research, we generate content for blog use to generate new customer flow.

  • PR Pitches

We draft compelling press releases and reporter outreach to get those coveted SEO backlinks to your site.

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Online Marketplace Development Options

  • Amazon Seller Central

Our team creates and maintains your products, storefront, marketing campaigns, and listings on Amazon.

  • Shopify

We build your online marketplace from homepage, product page, customer UX, and blog generation.

  • WordPress

We create your brand identity through a search engine optimized site focused on CTR and your conversion goals.

  • Etsy

From product photos to optimized listing content, we will build your Etsy shop and brand so you can focus on your products.

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