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With over 10 years experience launching consumer product based small businesses, Andi & her team at CreativeDSM.com have expert level knowledge of branding strategies, social media marketing, SEO, costs analysis and automated marketing flows.

What We Do – Full Service Advertising Agency

Creative DSM is a modern business marketing agency based in Des Moines Iowa focused on generating leads, creating connections and driving sales. We focus on small businesses that are looking to expand their reach and transform their dream to an automated business flow. We leverage our knowledge of SEO, pay-per-click campaigns and website design to create compelling marketing campaigns that engage your ideal customers.

Why We Do It – We’re Familiar with Bootstrapping

At Creative DSM, we came from the startup business culture. In fact, we thrive on creating innovative strategies to maintain a budget while virally growing. Andi has successfully helped manage the launch of 7 fashion brands in Los Angeles, Miami and even Des Moines, Iowa. From creative concept to production, she has been engrained in small businesses since her time at Iowa State University in 2005.

How We Do It – We’re Pros at Organic Scaling

We work with our clients through the inevitable growing pains of expanding.  Besides the fashion world, Andi spent 6 years helping grow a small consumer technology e-commerce brand; which resulted in a $75M+ acquisition in 2018. During this time she expanded her digital skill set to email marketing, e-commerce analytics, and web development.  Creative DSM specializes in Shopify, WordPress, Etsy and Amazon. Check out Creative DSM’s multitude of e-commerce certifications here.

Why Clients Love It – We Are Certified Digital Marketers

Never get lost in an algorithm update again. Our clients chose our services because we don’t just use templates and manage busy work.  We build customized packages for each client. We prioritize your unique business goal, and implement a strategy based on the latest SEO tactics.  Marketing is not rocket science, but it IS ever-evolving.  We consistently post free education tutorials on our blog, and invite our clients to learn with us.

female entrepreneur with child
Andi Fagen

Creative DSM Founder

Andi is a mom in Iowa, passionate traveler, sushi connoisseur and $3 wine fan.  She started Creative DSM because she knows the pains of being an all-in-one solopreneur.  Andi says that meeting like minded small business owners is a breath of fresh air.