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Getting to Know Our South Dakotan

This summer we’ve been teaching a whole new person about “Iowa nice” here at Creative DSM! Welcoming Macy onto our team has been such a great addition for not just this summer, but into the Fall now too! From South Dakota to tackling her first big city, Des Moines, she’s loving every second of downtown living!

Creative DSM has taught her much more than she could’ve ever imagined she would’ve gotten from a summer internship and has really pushed her in many different ways. Doing work across the board has been one of her biggest challenges but blessings and she’s so excited to see where it takes her! Let’s get to know a little more about Macy!

SD Roots.

One of our neighbors to the north has been home to Macy for the past 20 years of her life! Growing up on her family farm, once hog, now pheasant, was and still is one of her staples in life. It has made her the way she is and she’s found a lot of different ways to bring her morals from the farm to the big city of Des Moines and our business (even without having to run the grain cart here). Some of her favorite things to do all while growing up in small town South Dakota were hunting with her family, snowboarding, and art! One of the three is now a part of her everyday job, but she still loves doing all three equally! Growing up a South Dakota State University fan, her future brought her to Brookings, SD where she is pursuing a major in advertising and minors in Spanish and graphic design!


Living in the Now.

Though South Dakota will always be home, this little farm girl is ready to take on the world! If stressing out her parents from the beginning wasn’t enough, moving out of state really pushed them over the edge. THANKFULLY: Des Moines is still within a day’s drive back to home! All jokes aside, living in Iowa has really changed and pushed who she is as a person and her own perspective of her capabilities. Independence has been her biggest learning lesson here. Adapting to a new lifestyle on her own, being more conscious of herself and her surroundings, and trusting herself more have all played into her journey of independence, and it might’ve been the best thing to ever happen to her! Leaving the city to go back to college will be a challenge, but we don’t doubt she’ll be back!


Onto the Future.

What does the future hold for our South Dakotan? For now, she is going back to South Dakota State University to finish her degree in advertising while working as an admissions ambassador for SDSU and yet for our team here! She will be going virtual for Creative DSM, but just know that she’s still within the works of our team! As she plans on graduating in December of 2022, she is still unsure what comes after! But who knows, maybe she’ll even be back in Des Moines!


Overall, we are so pleased with Macy and the work she’s contributed to Creative DSM so far! We are very excited to see what she will bring to the table in the future and are very proud of her for overcoming her fears and moving to Des Moines this summer to be with us! We really couldn’t have asked for a better South Dakotan or team member, and we know she feels the same way about us!

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