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How To Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

Showing up on Google Maps is important for your customers to know exactly where you are located. The process of getting your business listed on Google Maps can be difficult, so we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about how to get your business listed on Google Maps. 

Adding Your Business

To start the process, you should log into Google Maps from your computer. Next, there are three different ways to add your business. You can enter your address in the search bar, then click on Business Profile on the left and hit Add your business. You are also able to right-click anywhere on the map and click Add your business. The last way to add your business is by going to the top left and clicking on Menu. From there, you will have the option to add your business. 

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Claiming Your Business

Just like adding your business, you will claim your business on Google Maps by logging into Google Maps from your computer. Then you will find the search bar and enter the name of your business. Next, you need to click the correct business name. Then, you will click Claim this business and follow the arrow to Manage now. If you want to choose a different business, you will click I own or manage another business. The last step you will need to do is select a verification option and follow the on-screen steps.

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