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How to Keep Posting Through a Social Media Slump

They say that you see growth when you step outside of your comfort zone, but that is much easier said than done, and I think we can all agree.

 If posting on your social media is sitting nice and cozy right outside of that comfort zone, your hesitation could be hiding growth in your engagement, followers, and reach.

Find Your Strength and Run With It!

Over the past year, we have tried really hard to become more present and active with blogs. Blogs are trendy now (and might have always been?) and can act as your guide to helping boost your Google presence and SEO optimization.

Overwhelming jargon aside – if blogs are your thing, keep writing and growing. If eblasts are your thing, then fill up those inboxes! Make yourself known in the best way you know how.

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Avoid Comparing Your Account to Others

Say it with me: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. 

And that’s a good thing! Social media can often feel like a one-stop-shop to plug in your content to an algorithm that works for one brand. It’s very easy to see others succeed and feel like it’s the only way to see the same results.

Success looks different for everyone, so cater your content to your followers, your brand vision, your voice, and your products or services 

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Your Posts Can Earn You Growth 

According to Stacked Marketer, sales went up by almost 20% in the past year overall in all fields, and 74% of purchasing decisions are influenced by what people are seeing on their social media.

In other words, people are out there buying more products and services and are able to contribute to small businesses more than in previous years. These past few years have been full of challenges for everyone – but your hard work is paying off!

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