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How To Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity

Stand out from your competitors by keeping your brand identity consistent. A matching color palette, voice, and style all help to make your brand recognizable to your target audience. Keep reading to learn all about how to maintain a unified brand identity across all platforms. 

Create Clear Brand Guidelines

The first step you want to take in establishing a consistent brand identity is to set up clear guidelines for your brand. This can consist of voice, color palette, fonts, frequency and more.  

You need to think about personifying your brand and then decide what tone you want to convey to your audience. Having a unified color palette will distinguish your brand and make it recognizable. Like the color palette, using the same typeface will make all of your content look similar. You also want to make sure you are posting frequently, without overdoing it. 

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Keep Your Assets Organized

Make sure you keep all of the little details organized in one place. Managing all of these assets will keep everyone on the same page. 

Creating a document to store all assets will be able to create more consistency in your brand identity. These assets being stored can be anywhere from logos to images to color guides. 

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Use a Marketing Calendar

Plan ahead by using a marketing calendar to keep your team in sync. Having content planned in advance gives everyone time to tweak messaging for consistency if needed. 

By using a marketing calendar, you can coordinate all of your campaigns in one place. You can also plan out social media posts and emails well in advance. It allows you to go back and guarantee that your message has stayed similar over time. 

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