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How to Plan For Small Business Saturday

To an independent small business, Small Business Saturday is bigger than Black Friday (and Thanksgiving let’s be honest.) 

We want to share some tips for small business owners on how to get prepared for the big day and for shoppers looking to support them! Keep reading for more tips on how to support a small business if you are needing to stick to a budget. 

Make a Plan for Your Small Business Saturday Marketing 

Planning is at the core of any large event, especially during the holiday season. It is never too early to start planning for Small Business Saturday as long as it is on your priority list to start! On that note, there is no such thing as too much planning. 

Plan anything and everything! 

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Make Your Customers an Offer They Can’t Refuse 

Consumers dedicate time after Thanksgiving to do a large portion of their holiday shopping. Why? Because of the deals! 

Because we have all been there, we know that a price markdown or deal in a store makes us more likely to buy an item. Analyze what you feel your market is providing this holiday season and access where you can make that bargain happen for your brand! 

Pro Tip: Here are 4 easy to use posts for Small Business Saturday! All you have to do is download the images and use them on your social media!

Make You and Your Business Known Online 

It’s the busiest time of year – but don’t give up on that social post highlighting new products in the store or your latest deal! Small businesses look to social media for extra exposure, and customers look to that social media to help them make their purchasing decisions. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to make it personal!  Post a behind the scenes so that your followers can connect your business with real people.  This helps drive home your genuine message of supporting local businesses.

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Don’t Forget to Support Small this Holiday Season 

Small businesses are always looking to their community for support, however, they are needing it extra around the busiest shopping season. Most items you are looking for as gifts for loved ones can be found at small businesses around your area. 

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Try finding it through a small business online! This will help support a business and community in an area that is also looking for your help. 

There are plenty of other ways you can help show support for a small business if you are not able to purchase from them. One of our top tips is to support their online profile. Share their posts online with your friends and family who might be interested! Like their Facebook page or share their post on your Instagram story, the options are endless. This exposure will affect them greatly in the long run! 

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