Hiring for Small Business

How to Recruit Talent to Your Small Business

First and foremost: Congratulations on your expansion! Growing a small business is so rewarding and nerve wrecking all at the same time. Luckily we put this list of 4 tips together to help guide your journey.


Stop doing it all.

Hire Talent

Define What You Need

Step number one, what do you want?

This step is pretty straight forward. What part of your business is bogging you down? For example, I excel in strategy and creative work. But I really lack in bookkeeping and following up on invoices. For that reason I found myself either not doing what I needed to, or spending way too much time trying to learn new systems to do accounting for me. That’s why I delegated finances to be outsourced beyond what I was capable (or wanting) to do. So very simply, write down a list of things that you either are not good at, don’t want to do, or find yourself saying that you “don’t have time for”. This will come in handy later when you “humanize” the role and also drafting a compelling job description.

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Draft an Engaging and Accurate Job Listing

If You Build It, They Will Come.

Our clients have told us one of the worst parts of hiring is sifting through the resumes and cover letters. It’s easy to be bogged down with too many applicants to read through, and frankly not very qualified leads. That’s why it is very important to optimize your listing with an accurate job title, a compelling job description and a specific job requirements section. Remember to not use too much jargon, add keywords into all pieces, and to A/B test listings. If your job listing is highly competitive, it’s also a good idea to include a little bit of company culture into your listing. Let them know why they want to work with you, and what you want to do for their professional development. Keep it short, but be specific and genuine. No one wants to have the boss that is looking for those TPS reports on a Saturday. (Lame Office Space joke)

Pro Tip: We highly recommend taking a little bit of a refresher course through Indeed Academy (yes, it’s free!).


Where to List Your Job Posting

So Many Options.

There are so many platforms to advertise your job listing. That’s why we decided to become a Certified Partner of Indeed, take the Facebook Blueprint Job Listing course, and study up on LinkedIn advertising. Each platform has different intent levels, different psychologies to study and ways to enhance your recruitment search. For instance, if you are hiring a laborer, Facebook is a great route to take. Its easily optimized for mobile browsers, and is natively integrated into a platform that 68% of Americans are already active on. If you are well networked into your industry, LinkedIn is a great source to gain attention from users that already follow you or your business; or even have a mutual connection. And for the serious job seeker, Indeed is a search engine optimized platform that will leverage its brand on your listing. What we suggest: A/B test it, just like you should be doing with every other marketing campaign for your business. This includes the platforms, the job titles, and even job duties.

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Hire the Person, Not the Role

Possibly the hardest step, but definitely the most important

When the interview process starts, you’re going to meet some great candidates that may not fit every hole that you need filled. We’re humans, we all have our strengths and weaknesses; but a business should recognize these traits and leverage each piece for development. Remember back in step one where you made a list of things that bog you down, what you want in the role and what the role actually is? We’ll after you meet with your candidates it’s time to edit that ideal job description into something that fits the human that you want to work with. Don’t get stuck in job titles and normal duties, build a position that they will enjoy, you will benefit from, and both of you will develop professionally from. If a happy wife is the key to a happy life, a happy staff will always make you laugh. (I apologize for the lame humor).

Let Us Handle Your Recruitment

Remember Step One? Focus on What You Want To Do, Outsource The Rest.

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