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How to Stand Out in Heavy Marketing Time

With the rush of the holiday season it can seem discouraging to feel like your posts are getting lost in the mix – but don’t stop!

Posting consistently for your followers will always be the best move, as it shows you are active with your business and staying engaged!

Keep reading for more tips on how to keep your page front and center for your followers. 

Stay Up With the Latest Trends to Boost Engagement

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that is constantly transforming its platform to increase engagement for users. Some of the hottest features right now are Instagram stories, lives, and reels. 

With the advancement of TikTok, Instagram has taken the same route and made it its own with Reels, a feature that allows users to post videos 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. 

Different trends are making Reels go viral left in right, so it is a feature that is worth trying this time of year to stick out and keep things fresh for your page. 

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Help Your Brand Inspire Others With Original Content

Social media is CONSTANTLY changing, meaning that your content can too! Feeling intimidated by competitors’ posts? Inspire your followers by posting things that are 100% real for your brand.

By doing this, others will start to feel closer to your brand after seeing an inside view of the passionate people behind the screen.  It keeps things interesting! Your followers will feel more engaged by knowing the personality of the brand. Even in similar fields, each account and brand has the ability to create unique content that is personal to them.

YOU have the control: not liking how your posts or going or the results they are getting? Switch it up and it just might be the perfect refresh your page needs.

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Create Content Your Audience Wants to See

Social media is all about creating more awareness for your brand and connecting with the followers that are looking to support you. What better way to draw inspiration for fresh and relevant content than to post what those followers are wanting to see. 

By gaining insight straight from your followers, you are creating a sure-fire way to see more engagement from those who are seeing their results in real-time. Social platforms offer multiple ways for their users to interact with followers to test out different things. Instagram stories have features such as polls, quizzes, questions, and more to help gather data about anything you want to see. (These features are also a great way to gain engagement in general!). Facebook and Twitter also offer voting options as a part of their posting features. 

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