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#LocalBusinessLove: Inner Circle Co.

We caught up with the ladies from Inner Circle Co. to learn more about their mission to be selfish with your energy, and to build a supportive community in the heart of Des Moines.

Kari & Ciara of Inner Circle Co.

Kari & Ciara of Inner Circle Co.

Why We Love Inner Circle Co.

The duo at Inner Circle Co. came together and to build a brand of empowerment based on a positive community that is passionate about making a difference.

The people who encourage our strengths and believe in us when we have forgotten to love ourselves – that’s the Inner Circle. You can count on your Inner Circle to say, “Yes you can” when all you tell yourself is, “no I can’t.”

As a proud FEMpreneur in the community, I am personally obsessed with their mission. Thoughtfully made products right here in our community that support other dreamers. All yes.

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Read on for Our Local Business Love Feature on Inner Circle Co.



Give us some background on WHO you guys are, WHAT you do, and WHY you do it.

Inner Circle Co. is a female-ran, Des Moines based movement that encourages everyone to be ambitious, to share our stories, to speak our truths. We at Inner Circle Co believe in celebrating the victories and falls that everyone goes through as we learn to own our space, be selfish with our energy, and be kind -especially to ourselves. We are more than products- we are here to create a legacy of empowerment for you, her, them, him, us.

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What is your favorite product or service that you provide?

The Inner Circle is more than a product – we are a a constantly flourishing movement of humankind that is learning to choose ourselves first, to pave the way in defining our own happiness, and having the confidence that at any time -there are 100’s of inner circle friends ready to support you. The inner circle gear we have for use//display//gift//wear all carry the power of a statement. Statements that speak to our values and to what we want to influence in the world. Our greatest service? Inclusion of all and the continued reminder to love yourself first and that this our world to design.



What is your favorite part of being a part of the Des Moines community?

There is something special about Des Moines. There’s not quite yet a word or statement that describes it. Let’s share some examples. Des Moines is filled with pockets of beautiful communities – the arts, the fashion, the foods, the health, the cultures, the entrepreneurial spirit, and so so much more. Once upon a time, we walked into these pockets of magic – and we were welcomes with more than acceptance – we were welcomed with immediate inclusion and support. We became part of something bigger – the perfect alignment to when someone were to “join” the Inner Circle. In Des Moines, you find your people yet you are encouraged to explore. It’s a beautiful city that will help you connect and flourish.

How far does your business service?

Inner Circle Co. is limitless. With today’s power of social media, technology, and word-of-mouth, the Inner Circle services globally.

What inspired you to start this business?

Inner Circle Co. was inspired by times of darkness, by friendship, by hope, our drive for personal and professional growth, and by our beliefs that when we move forward – we bring others with us. Co-Founder, Ciara Ladroma, experienced a few mindset-changing events that led her feeling stuck in the darkness of depression and anxiety approximately two years ago. She experienced the feeling of identity crisis as she had always defined her success through her career. During this time, her career stopped providing her light and passion. Responsibilities and expectations began to cause constant exhaustion on all platforms for Ciara. As a woman, a person of color, and a young-professional – Ciara felt trapped and alone as we have a silent pressure from society to thrive but never show your failure, weakness, or tired. Taking time to travel was the perfect medicine for Ciara. She realigned with her values and began the journey of being selfish with her energy. On January 6, 2019 – Ciara reached out to Co-Founder, Kari Tietjen. Ciara and Kari have known each other for years and have similar values, goals, and work ethic. They compliment each other well. It took just a couple minutes before Kari asked Ciara to stop pitching the idea of starting a company that delivered a message of empowerment, redefining our own expectations, and the creation of the lives we deserve. On January 6, 2019 – Ciara and Kari created a goal: To start a business that did all of this … and launch by March 8, 2019 – International Women’s Day.

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What’s the best way for customers to see more of your businesses services/products?

Members of all communities are welcome to join the Inner Circle through numerous platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter, Blogs, and even messaging us directly. Facebook: Inner Circle Co. @createyourinnercircle Instagram: @createyourinnercircle Email: hello@createyourinnercircle.com



Best advice for business in Des Moines

Be authentic with your energy. When you walk into a room – no matter the day you’re having – your energy makes your first impression. This means – no matter what – your passion and love for your business will shine. Be selfish with your energy – it’s an absolute treasure. Be kind – especially to yourself. Know your value. Be ready for lessons because learning never ends. When you find your people – treasure them.


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