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How to Help Essential Workers in Des Moines

As we are all at home searching for activities to keep ourselves busy during this time, we often forget about all the essential workers spending their days and nights working around the clock in order to make sure we are well taken care of.

Whether it is health care professionals, grocery store workers, mail carriers, or many other professions they are still risking their health and safety by going to work everyday. 

Although we are unable to spend time together, we can still be there for a friend by providing them with a small gesture of appreciation.

It could be a simple thank you card, or a gift card for their favorite restaurant, your kindness won’t go unnoticed and will be greatly appreciated. Down below are 5 gift ideas, and examples that can be found at small businesses around the Des Moines area.


  1. Gift Cards for Essential Workers:

With the amount of time they are working, they often are so exhausted they do not feel like cooking for themselves. 

    1. HoQ Restaurant in Des Moines

    2. Fong’s Pizza with 3 locations

    3. Dirt Burger in Downtown Des Moines



2. Entertainment for Free Time:

Anything to get their minds off of their job will do the trick. This could be a movie, puzzle,  board game, etc.

    1. The Rook Rom   teamed with Bozz Prints to create custom Des Moines Puzzles

    2. The Knotty Nail located in Des Moines

    3. Heart of Iowa Market Place shop a variety of Iowa themed products

3.  Home Essentials:

 On top of working, essential workers have to go out and get the basics. Save them a trip by getting them some extra hand sanitizer, or some disinfectant wipes. The more trips to the store that are saved, the more time they have to relax.

    1. East Village Pantry located Downtown Des Moines

    2. Gateway Market carries locally grown food

    3. B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli has been a part of the community for decades



4. Self-Care Items to Relax:

Relaxing is definitely not on the top of their list at this time. Get them a nice candle, or some new lotion. Anything to ease their minds for a bit.

    1. Trixies Salon with 2 locations in Des Moines

    2. She Home & Gift located in Downtown Des Moines

    3. Mars Cafe in Des Moines


5. Thank You-Note to Feel Appreciated:

Simple thank you notes are always greatly appreciated, and are bound to put a smile on their face. 

    1. Domestica located in Des Moines

    2. Ephemera Stationery Studio shop online or in store

    3. Sticks creates one of a kind pieces


We are all in this together, remember to support each other and be kind.

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