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Marketing as a Service

Land Investment Expo is a regional hybrid event based out of Des Moines Iowa, focused on keynote speakers, breakout sessions and key updates in the agricultural industry. Land Investment Expo is looking to enhance the exposure of the expo to prospective attendees and sponsors through digital marketing efforts.

Our plan focuses on a strategy that starts with an overall communication calendar, breaking down to sponsorships and attendee segments, touching on channel optimization & execution of the plan.




Marketing As a Service Base

  • Competitor Marketing Research (competitors, latest news, google alerts on keywords)

  • Sponsorship Scouting Research

  • Following latest Ag News

  • Consulting with the Internal Team

  • Embracing New Ideas to Help Connect Sponsors and Attendee Exposure


Results Focused Content Plan

  • Overall Communication Calendar

    • Monthly Focus

    • Weekly Content Formula

    • High Level Overview per Channel

  • Segmenting Messages

    • Sponsorships

    • Attendees

  • Channel Optimization per Message



Content to Attract Ideal Clients

  • 1 Content Rich blog posts

    • Keyword optimization

    • Meta Data

    • H1/H2/H3 optimization

    • Insite & outbound link strategy

    • Rich images with alt data

  • 1 Monthly Newsletter Blurb to Tie Back to Blog (generation, copywriting, testing, optimization)


Social Media

Ramp Up Your Social Media

  • Optimize profiles (about, links, cover and profile photos, messaging bots)

  • Analyze social media platforms and strategy

  • Connecting business goals with messaging

  • Posting Formula (3x week per platform- heavy FB & LinkedIn Focus):

    • Post 1 Spotlight a Stakeholder

      • Sponsor Spotlight

      • Speaker Spotlight

      • Breakout Session Spotlight

    • Post 2 Spotlight Benefits

      • Ticket flash sales

      • Testimonials

      • Key Take Aways

    • Post 3 Encourage Engagement

      • Call for speakers? (apply)

      • AG Memes

      • Throwback

      • Committee Member Spotlight?

      • Contests

  • 3 Stories a Week Done for You

  • Engagement 5 days a Week

    • Commenting on shoulder industries

    • Replying to comments

    • Engaging with followers/influencers

Investment Total: $1450/Month


PPC Add-On*

Optimized Paid Ads to Drive Traffic

+ $500 Ad Spend additional

  • Keyword Organization

    • Ad Grouping

    • Theme Ad Testing

    • Broad/Phrase/Exact Match Bid Adjustments

  • Ad Creative Design work (up to 3 new ads a month)

  • Ad Schedule Optimization & Bid Adjustments

  • Ad Landing Page/Form Optimization

  • Suggested Ad Spend – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp


Sales Add-Ons

Support Your Sales Team

+ $150 Additional ad-on

  • Sponsorship funnel support (up to 2 a month)

    • Thank you for Sponsoring! Here are some social posts to share

    • Here are some news articles to share

    • Is there anything more we can do to create exposure for your business?

    • Add on (we have openings for another booth, etc)

  • Design monthly marketing strategy for sponsors