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Making the Most Out of Your Brand Voice

Have you ever been scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and seen a post by one of your favorite accounts and go “that sounds a lot like them” or “classic ‘x’ post”? 

It’s no surprise that we follow different brands because of their unique brand voice, their approach to introducing new products, or their sense of humor. 

April Marketing Tip: Utilize Your Brand Voice with Your Audience!

Finding Your Brand Voice for Digital and Social Marketing. 

What is my voice? How do we find it? How can we use that to create better overall brand awareness?

Finding the voice for your brand does not have to be drastic, flashy, or something that no one has ever heard before. The important thing is to stay authentic to who you are and the mission of your brand, without trying to be like someone else. 

Whether it’s a local food reviewer that uses all caps on their reviews with a catchy tagline, a print shop that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, or a coffee bar that specializes in captions that rhyme, they each have a unique voice.

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Boost Social Engagement Through Your Brand Voice

By doing this, you are one step closer to your target audience being able to easily identify you from a crowd and keep coming back, even if the exact content is not something they are viewing at all times. 

This is also a strategy that could boost engagement from followers if they like your voice because we all have brands or businesses we relate to!

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