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simplify entrepreneur workload

Simplify Your Workload.

We’ll manage your multitude of social marketing platforms and blogs, while you focus on more pressing business. Our team is known for crafting engaging SEO content that drives customers to reach out to you; organically.

What’s in the SEO Content Strategy

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective way to generate sales online; that is, if you are delegating tasks to optimize your time as well. Small business owners wear many hats. But without a streamlined marketing strategy, efforts are wasted on content that doesn’t convert. Here are the elements we include in all of our SEO strategies:

Content Calendar Management

Don’t miss the next opportunity to stay relevant with your audience. Always keeping your marketing goals on track, we create a checklist of monthly marketing action items.

Social Media Strategies

Never worry about keeping track of all the changing social platforms again. We stay current on the latest social media certifications to guide your social channels to the right audience.

Email Marketing

Guide your customers on a journey from introduction to conversion. We are masters at creating email marketing funnels that keep your ideal customers engaged and excited about your brand.

Blog Generation

Stop wasting time optimizing your H1/H2 while keyword stuffing content. Based on your content calendar and detailed keyword research, we generate SEO content for your blog, ranking you higher in Google search results.

PR Pitches

Get more eyes on your business through earned media. We draft compelling press releases and reporter outreach emails to get those coveted SEO backlinks to your site.