Pay Per Click Strategies

How We Build Online Billboards:

in a nutshell, we’ll use our expertise to benefit your business goals.


We will craft online advertisements that are focused on your business goals, whether you are looking for brand recognition, sales leads, e-commerce purchases or bid requests, we have done it. We are experts in Google Analytics, bid strategies, keyword research, and customer segmentation.


Campaign Strategy

To start, we’ll need a little bit of background about your current business approach, your ultimate goals, and your budget. From there we will build a plan for your approval to start implementing immediately.

^^ (yes, it’s free) ^^

Ad Implementation

Next, we actually implement the processes ourselves. We’ll incorporate detailed segmentation into Google campaigns, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn leads. Each campaign is carefully and creatively optimized for your keywords, and target market.

Test, Analyze and Update

Online ads will never be a set it and forget it process. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it is time consuming. We utilize A/B testing to learn more about your customer’s behavior and update our approach constantly.