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Social Media Spring Cleaning | Clear the Clutter to Refresh Your Brand

The weather is warming up (the best it knows how), birds are chirping, and Spring is looking like it is right around the corner. Spring cleaning is a big topic that can be applied to pretty much any area – social media included.

Next time you are thinking about dusting that spot in your business that goes untouched, think about sweeping through to clean up your social posts.

Out with the Old and in With the New | Cutting Old Posts

It can be difficult but don’t worry about cutting out the things that no longer represent who you are as a business. 

As time goes on you evolve and grow, and the social media that reflects your brand should reflect any change you would like to see as well. Think of it as switching up your storefront with a change of the season or shift of products. You can keep the products that have served you well, but no one will question if you decide to do a full reset.

There is nothing wrong with cleaning up some old posts of products that don’t sell, the picture you posted in a rush, or one that just doesn’t make you happy!

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Freshen Up Your Look

Now is as good of a time as any to transform your social media platforms into something that you have been inspired by. 

Interested in starting fresh with a new look? Now could be the perfect opportunity. Start by incorporating your new style, products, etc into your posting formula and seeing how they fit with your brand, how they make you feel, and if you want to start making a larger change.

No matter how big or how small the changes might be, they have the potential to freshen up your social presence and put some new pep in your step.

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