Small Business Marketing

How to Plan For Small Business Saturday

To an independent small business, Small Business Saturday is bigger than Black Friday (and Thanksgiving let’s be honest.) We want to share some tips for small business owners on how to get prepared for the big day and for shoppers looking to support them! Keep reading for more tips on how to support a small business… Continue reading How to Plan For Small Business Saturday

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DIY Small Business Email Marketing

Email marketing sometimes gets a bad reputation because of misuse. If you’re building a customer list just to spam them with promotions, you might as well spend those efforts somewhere else. With over 293.6 billion emails sent everyday, how can your small business compete? The answer is personalization and optimization.

Social Media

The Truth About Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner, you should know by know that social media is an important social proof element within your organization’s marketing strategy. But how important is it? How much time should you be investing in these platforms? And how to do you measure ROI & ROAS? Let’s dig into some basics: