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Too Many Marketing Channels These Days

Does it seem like there are just too many channels to keep up with these days? I get it, there seems to be a cool new platform popping up monthly. So what’s right for your small business?

September Marketing Tip: Choose Your Channels Wisely

So what channels are worth your time? The answer isn’t so simple, but can probably be easily found by researching how much time you have, where your ideal customers are, and maybe even what your competitors are doing.

Take some time to place yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. What do they like to do? Where do they go for advice? How do they research new products? THAT is where you want to be. But there’s another step here; where do YOU want to be? Where is YOUR time best spent, and what are you going to have fun keeping up with? The intersection of the two is the sweet spot. And if you want an analysis of that, let’s talk.

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