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How To Incorporate Video In Your Marketing & Sales Strategy

Potential customers are becoming overwhelmingly bombarded with messaging on the daily. This means your marketing strategy needs to keep up and stand out from the messaging that reaches them through emails, social media, online web surfing, commercials, billboards, and printed materials.

The key to success? Make your message fun and effort free through video marketing.


What type of Marketing Video Should I Make

Do you have trouble communicating benefits and features of your product or service to customers?

Not everyone will go through a 30 page onboarding guide, or have the time to sit through a presentation. This means there are ways to incorporate video to simplify your marketing and brand message.

  1. Product or Service Guide Video.

    Explain how your product is helpful to take the user towards their goals. As always, focus on benefits rather than features. You want visitors to understand how your product will change their frustrations. If you need help with that, download our free customer pain points worksheet.

  2. Onboarding Email Series with Video.

    Instead of (or even in addition to!) sending an onboarding series email that includes links to your website to learn more, place a video icon within the email to direct them to a digestible onboarding video experience.

  3. Frequently Asked Question Video.

    Most common questions, doubts, and misconceptions about your product

  4. Feature a New Product or Service Launch with Video.

    Introducing new upgrades to your product could be tricky. It can make or break your business. Create a video Introducing the feature to different sectors of your crowd.

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These are a few examples where a video can help simplify your marketing and make the user experience even better. However, this does not mean you should be abandoning any written content or keyword rich strategies.

The key to better user experience is to provide multiple channels of knowledge and allowing the user to chose whichever they feel comfortable in.

How Many Videos Should We Make

when it comes to videos for your marketing and sales strategy, the more the better.

Keep the video content short, and easily navigable. For instance, let the FAQ video stand alone, and record a different one for a troubleshooting feature of a new product. The faster that your client can click and get the answer they are looking for, the better for your over all quality score.

The videos don’t have to be over produced either. These days so much video content is being consumed on social channels that overproducing is a waste of money. By providing high quality content within the videos and high quantity of videos, you are leaving a strong impression on your customers. This leads to your potential client taking less time to decide to pick you over your competitors.

The Facts Behind Video Marketing

Did you know that Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% ?

There’s a reason more than 500,000,000 users watch Facebook videos daily. Because It is more interactive and required less of the consumer to consume content.

By incorporating videos in your sales outreach, you are engaging the user, ensuring your reliability to the client and nurturing the leads to convert.

If you would like to discuss how video can help your strategy, reach out for a consultation today. In 2020, we are focusing initiatives to launch some video solutions for small businesses in the Des Moines metro area.


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