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What is a Mompreneur?

Are You a Mompreneur?

If you know the word, you most likely are one, so congratulations you beautiful unicorn boss babe.  The term is still widely unknown, but with female entrepreneurship on the rise, we are hoping to break the boundaries and build a real boss mom community.

Tips for Moms Who Own Small Businesses

Did you know that Iowa ranks in the top 10 states for women-owned businesses? Creative DSM’s mission is to support like-minded small businesses in creating marketing strategies that automate and create effortless inbound marketing, resulting in sales. But even more so, we are here to simplify your busy life as an entrepreneur, and who has more going on than a Mom-preneur? We’ve made a list of our top tips to help these #bossmoms do it all.

1. Focus on Optimism as a Working Mom

By nature, the most optimistic people don’t sweat the small stuff. Center yourself into the bigger picture, and appreciate the challenges. Even more, staying positive is good for your heart. Not just in the spiritual yogi sense, but a recent study at Harvard concluded that positive psychological well-being is linked to improved heart health. So let’s say it together- “I’m a strong, confident boss lady!”

2. Transform into a Delegation Master

One of the biggest myths of a successful entrepreneur is the need for bootstrapping. While it’s true that entrepreneurs wear many hats, it’s important to spend the time doing what benefits your business the most. You can’t be a do-it-all soloprenuer for ever.  So if you want to go back to a life that actually has weekends, today’s tip is #DELEGATION. After all, if a business isn’t scaleable, it’s probably just a job.

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3. Even Entrepreneurs Need Breaks

Balancing it all isn’t easy. There are deadlines to meet, babies to cuddle, children that require healthy meals, self care, relationship nurturing and school events to attend. My answer- a break, breaks can be 1 hour to yourself every day. Imagine if you set aside one hour a day for no interruptions – no appointments, no emails, no kids – a time for you to take a break.  An hour a day during your 5 day work week amounts to 20 hours a month, or 260 hours a year.  That’s like a 2 week vacation every year!  See- cup half full ;).

4. Get Social with Other Girl Bosses

You hear it all the time, you are who you surround yourself with. What better way to get in the flow than to surround yourself with like minded lady-bosses? Take classes, meet for coffee, and join networking groups in your city. Learn from their struggles, support their ideas and grow together.

Creative DSM Can Help

And here’s our pitch- Marketing is NOT rocket science👩🏻‍🔬.  We don’t pretend it is.  But we WILL tell you that it is one of the most important aspects of your business.  And it IS one of the most time consuming parts.  So let us help you.  Let’s chat.

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