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What is an Omni-Channel Marketing Approach?

If you are unsure what an Omni-Channel Marketing Approach is, you have found the right place (and chances are, you are already creating this for your brand without even knowing!) Let’s take a deeper look into what all goes into omni-channel marketing and how to make the most of this approach. 

Omni-channel marketing is an approach that refers to in short, the amount in which you exist online on multiple channels and platforms. This approach also works to the benefit of the client or consumer to make sure they have easy access to your business.

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How can I start Omni-Channel Marketing?

Stay Available for your Audience 24/7

As we said, omni-channel marketing is much easier than it seems, and can sometimes be fool proof! 

To maximize your efforts, it’s important to remember that there are countless ways to help increase this approach within your digital marketing. 

Our Top Tips: 

  • Stay consistent in your marketing on each channel  

  • Consider the retention gained from this approach, as its over 85% more for business who do not use this method

  • Remember to keep up with your analytics and data to see how you cana advance your omni-channel marketing effort

What Does Omni-Channel Marketing Look Like?

Let’s create an example together to better understand what omni-channel marketing looks like: 

Let’s say you are running an online sewing kit subscription service that has a website where your customers purchase their subscriptions from you. Aside from your website, you send your customers a newsletter discussing all of the different items that you have in stock for their next box based on what they have chosen prior. That newsletter then drives those customers to your social media pages which include links to purchase those products/customize them to their subscription for the next month. 


What Makes Omni-Channel Marketing different from Multi-Channel Marketing? 

A common misconception is those confusing omni-channel marketing with multi-channel marketing, because they can both look so similar. The main difference is that omni-channel marketing is solely focused on the customer/client and catering towards them, while multi-channel is focused on the actual product or service you are trying to sell.

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