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What is the Best Email Marketing Platform?

As we approach 2023, email marketing is a smart next step to take as a part of your marketing strategy. With this new goal you need to start thinking about which email platform is the best for your business. 

With each software comes different options and user benefits, so we will dive into each and what makes them different. 


One of the Largest and Fastest Growing Email Marketing Platform 

Mailchimp is a widely popular option for email marketing, as it offers a variety of different options to small businesses. The platform is fairly user friendly and allows for users to have a free service plan for their email marketing, that did not require only a trial.

The free version of Mailchimp allowed for 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails to be sent. Mailchimp also comes with constant segmenting groups, drag and drop capabilities, and scheduling in specific time zones. 

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Constant Contact

Platform to grow your Social Media and Email Marketing

If you are looking for a platform that creates an email marketing process that provides their users with quality customer service and an affordable price. Constant Contact offers just that! With their pricing comes unlimited emails and tracking, as well as the option to  use their built in social media sharing tools. 

Constant Contact provides account access to easy integration in options such as Facebook ads, and eCommerce for any Shopify stores. 



Guide your CRM through this Email marketing Platform 

Focused on CRM? Hubspot is a great tool that offers users to personalize emails for different subscribers through their Hubspot CRM feature. Each subscriber can be filled with different information regarding geographic location, business, membership, etc. 

Marketing features are strong within this email marketing platform that makes it appealing for medium to larger sized businesses. They also offer free and expanded packages, with a minimum of 2,000 emails and an unlimited amount of subscribers. 

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Email Marketing for Sales, Revenue, and Report Tracking 

If sales and marketing drives your email platforms, this option provides a variety of features that creates a seamless integration process. Drip also offers users an intelligent marketing automation tool, split test features, and list groups in order to increase sales through a higher target reach. 

This email marketing campaign also provides a free version to users, as well as more advanced plans to include all features in their platform. Users are able to track their revenue through Drip to report from each email marketing campaign. 


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