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7 Reasons Why You Should Create A Content Calendar

Posting on social media can be a struggle for many business owners. It takes time and knowledge to know what to post and when to post it. Often, people don’t think they have enough time to successfully promote their business on social media. With the use of a content calendar this can all be changed. Content calendars can be used to plan out social media posting months in advance, keeping you ahead of schedule, and less stressed. Here are 7 reasons why you should create a content calendar for your business.

1. Save time by being organized

Your company’s social media marketing goals should be looked at as the equivalent of your everyday goals that are in your planner. Both take effort and need attention every single day. With the use of a content calendar you are able to plan ahead and avoid multitasking at the last second. By being organized, you also will avoid scrolling through generic inspirational quotes hoping to find something to post. 

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Also, even though you are posting daily, that doesn’t mean you have to sit and watch your feed 24/7. There are tools that can be used to schedule and post your posts ahead of time.

2. Post consistently

No matter what your goal is on social media the one tip that should be remembered is to post consistently. By posting consistently your audience will be more likely to engage with your posts, which then helps your platform’s algorithm. When your algorithm is boosted, your posts will start to be shown to new eyes making it easy to expand your brand. By having a content calendar it makes it easy to post consistently whether it is a slow week, or your biggest promotion of the year.

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3. Make fewer typos, and also reduce the risk of big mistakes

By planning out your posts ahead of time it gives you more time to read through and edit your posts. You also will have more time to fact-check your information. It is always a good idea to have other coworkers look over your posts so they can also look for typos.

4. Be more ambitious with your social strategies

Once you have your schedule down, you can now start thinking about other campaigns you can start to include. This could be a giveaway, or even expanding your content on to other social media platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube.

content calendar

5. Don’t miss out on relevant moments

It can be easy to forget to post about different holidays or events going on in the world. With a content calendar you can easily research and plug those holidays and events into your calendar ahead of time. You can then post about the ones that are relevant to your brand’s audience.

6. Create higher-quality content

The value of social media has skyrocketed over the past decade, making it a very important factor in every business. Today companies often have a team to run the different social media accounts for the business, and it doesn’t go over well when everything isn’t planned out ahead of time. By having a content calendar it helps your team to be organized so they can do their best work. By having a long-term vision you are pushing to have a strong brand voice and content that supports your marketing goals.

7.  Track what works, and improve it

By having a content calendar you are able to see which posts your audience engages with most, and which ones were not as successful. After figuring this out, it is very easy for you to change your posts to better fit your audience’s wants and needs. 

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Creating and using a content calendar for your social media posts can be tricky at first, but it is necessary. By creating this calendar, you are then able to plan ahead, and see what posts are more successful. We would love to help you get started here at Creative DSM. Send us an email and we will help you in any way we can.

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