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Why Automation Can Kill Business

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say something controversial. Marketing automation can kill a business. If you’re like many small business owners, you spend time listening to podcasts preaching about marketing automation. “Earn money while you sleep!” they say. “Set up chatbots that direct customers where you want them!” another has preached. But let’s analyze this for a second.

Email Marketing Automation in 2019

Is email marketing dead in 2019?

If you’re a human with a smartphone in 2019, you are probably a victim of inbox overload. Swiping delete through all of the junk can be somewhat of a workout these days. That’s why services like exist. Oversharing, or worse, not sharing relevant messages to your subscribers; is a waste of time.

How email campaigns can ACTUALLY work for your business.

At Creative DSM, we craft email campaigns that are relevant. We are certified email marketing copywriters, focused on crafting engaging campaigns. We analyze the data to evaluate engagement, and consistently update the ideal customer profile. It’s important to identify pain points and what is new and exciting to your audience. From there, create rich content that benefits your clients and share the wealth. Stop sending them coupons or flash deal emails, give them a reason to understand why you are an industry leader. Always appeal to the two main emotion evoking strategies: utility or curiosity. Finally, create different automation flows for different customer profiles.

Facebook Chatbot Marketing

Why most chatbots suck.

Your customers want and (most of the time) deserve personalization. By setting up chat bots that automatically respond with an irrelevant messages, you are begging for the click off. No one wants to think they are being sold, and creating a one-size fits all answer is just that. Chatbots shouldn’t direct customers where YOU want them to go, but rather where HE/SHE wants to go.

How you can correctly set up a Facebook chatbot.

At Creative DSM, we sit down to compare the goals of the business with the goals of the ideal client. From there, we optimize our clients social media platforms. For instance, most businesses’ goal is a conversion. This can be tempting to create a message that says something along the lines of “shop our products here”. In reality, your ideal client is most likely still in the evaluation stage when he/she visits the Facebook Page. Think more along the lines of what they could be looking for. For example:

“Where can I find X in stores?”

“How does X Product work?”

“Product reviews for X Product.”

“How X is solving this problem.”

Each of those selections should guide the potential customer towards a unique experience that answers their questions. As a bonus, this allows the business to further engage with AND learn about the visitor.

Retargeting Campaigns

Is retargeting a form of digital stalking?

retargeting campaigns

If you’re on Facebook, or the internet in general, you’ve most likely wondered how an ad is following you. Often, this company is pushing you to buy something that you have either searched or talked about. If the messaging is not tailored for the platform, retargeting will have a negative effect on your potential clients. Reusing the same ad isn’t just lazy, it’s turning visitors away.

How to draft a retargeting campaign.

All retargeting campaigns should tell a story. A great example of a retargeting ad gone right is this example of Refinery 29. They created an ad sequence that doesn’t just retarget the viewer, it creates a step by step process for new visitors. Guiding the customer through a journey is the ultimate goal of all marketing campaigns. So when you set up a facebook pixel, try to analyze what pages the visitor is stopping by, and only push relevant content to the source. The same goes for AdRoll retargeting and Google Display Ads. Always keep the customer in mind.

Outsourcing Top Marketing Agencies

Are you spending too much on outside marketing firms?

If you’ve realized that marketing is just too time consuming and keeping up with the constant changes has worn you out, it’s time to think of change. You’ve probably thought about or even sourced outside marketing firms. But these corporate firms with one size fits all packages are expensive and hard to prove value for. Or worse, maybe you’ve found a self proclaimed expert that didn’t follow your company’s ideals. Stop throwing your money away.

How Creative DSM differs from other marketing agencies.

It’s simple really. Creative DSM’s core belief is that your business’ most valuable asset is your time. It is the one non-renewable resource that you have, and therefore the most precious. Creative DSM gives that time back to you by constantly updating our certifications in an ever-evolving digital world, and using that expertise to optimize your business. All of our strategies are built from custom made packages that are tailored to your business goals and ideal client profile, we have never been a one-size-fits-all agency. To top it off, we work transparently by providing monthly analytics that back up our efforts and offer new optimization suggestions that help your business succeed. Take back your time today by letting us perform a free SEO audit and consultation.

Marketing automation can be the greatest thing your business has ever done, or it can be the worst. The choice is yours.


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